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Other HR Technologies

While the corporate HRIS market is dominated by a handful of key players, there is also a large market for smaller, niche software providers in HRIS. At the last count we found 600+ HRIS applications currently being used in companies across the US. 


While providing Consultants that meet our clients requirements is our first priority, it may not always be possible to find specialist Consultants with experience of niche HRIS software. In these instances, we have provided HRIS Consultants who possess similar skills and a track record of working with various HR technologies. 

These Consultants are often quick to pick up new technology and drive a project to success.       

To answer any questions regarding Consultant availability or for more information on our HRIS staffing services please complete the below form and a representative will reach out to you:

ROCKCREST has sourced HRIS Consultants in all the following areas:

  • HCM

  • Payroll

  • Benefits

  • Compensation

  • Performance Management

  • WorkForce Management

  • Retention

  • Reviews

  • Learning Management

  • Talent Management

  • Time & Attendance

  • Absence Management

  • Recruiting

  • Applicant Tracking

  • Onboarding

  • Retirement

  • Succession Planning

  • Resource Planning

  • Global HR

  • HR Analytics

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